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Optimist Club


October 2022


Sponsored by

Sawnee-Cumming Optimist Club

Committee Chair: April Ferguson 678-977-1325

The annual Optimist Star Student Award Program is designed to recognize outstanding high school students who have demonstrated excellent academic achievement, leadership ability, and good citizenship and have participated in Optimist activities.  The winning student, as sponsored by the Sawnee-Cumming Optimist Club, will receive the title of “Optimist Star Student,” a $500 monetary award, a plaque and his/her picture submitted to the local newspaper for publication.

The Optimist Star Student Award Program is open to high school and home schooled students in the Forsyth County public school system.  Nominations for the annual award must be received by the second club meeting in March of each year.  The winning student should then receive this honor no later than the second club meeting in April.  This will give the student time to include this honor on his/her resume when applying for continuing education. 

Award nominations will be taken from club members, school teachers and/or school counselors.  It is not necessary for a club member to know the student personally.  The club member only needs to have been impressed by a student in some function in which the student participated.  Students who are known Gateway District Winners, while in high school, should not be nominated as they have already received an award from the Optimist, which they can include on their resumes.  Students, for example, who are second or third place winners in some Optimist function, who impressed a club member, teacher or school counselor would make great nominees.

All student nominations must be submitted using the Optimist Star Student Award Program Nomination Form.  If a club member nominates a student, it is that club member’s responsibility to have the form completed and returned to the club.  This form is available, for copy, in the Optimist Star Student Award Program Policy and Procedure.  If this nomination is coming from a teacher or school counselor, a member from the club should contact and meet with each school representative to present the application packet.  All nominations will be provided and presented to a judging panel.  This panel will consist of a minimum of three award committee members who will select the winner.  Any committee member or club member who has submitted a nomination will be excluded from the judging process.  The committee chairman, if necessary, may appoint another club member to this selection panel.  This will ensure that all students are judged equally and fairly.  




School activities:  Involved in honor programs, sports, clubs, volunteer programs.

Leadership:  Respect for their fellow students, teachers and impact their schools’ programs through outstanding leadership, insight and involvement and honoring the school honor code.

Good citizenship:  Inspiration to others by setting high educational and personal goals and leading a well-rounded life by becoming an effective communicator, lifelong learner and productive citizen.

Community affairs:   Active in affairs such  as Church, Nonprofits, Scouts and Optimist activities i.e. Oratorical Contest, Essay Contest, JOI, Flag Program, CCDHH or Peer Facilitator for Expressing my Passion and etc.

GPA of 3.0 or higher, with a strong list of course selections.

Additional Comments: This line could include but not limited to the following: Personal written recommendations from the school sponsor or counselor and club sponsor: an up to date resume; a current high school transcript; a current ACT and/or SAT score report.

A personal statement from the student, no longer than a single typed page, listing information the student wants the nomination committee to know about them self, such as leadership training or experience, software skills, budgeting skills, critical thinking skills, goal setting, time management, problem solving etc.  A list of organization, awards and achievements along with community service, volunteer activities and work experience student has participated in since starting high school.

If student has chosen a field of study, how did the student get interested in this field?  What institution of higher learning does the student want to attend?  Does student want to earn a master’s or doctorate degree?  What profession does student see himself/herself in when the education is finished?