New Flag Subscriptions are currently on hold beginning November 2023 until we can get more volunteers to help with delivery of flags. If you wish to volunteer for a flag delivery route please contact or Flag Committee Chair:

Janna Shacklett at optimistflagsedu@gmail.com
Do you want to earn money for your favorite nonprofit? Volunteer for a flag route and raise money for a donation to be made to a nonprofit of your choice. Are you a nonprofit currently trying to raise money, let us help?

Supporting Flags for education means you are helping our youth here in Forsyth County.

We will put a flag in front of your home or office on 6 National Flag Holidays.

Please read and complete our attached form for full details and list of holidays. Let us do all the work and help us help others.

Any flag requests over 5 flags or multiple locations we can send you an invoice with a payment link through PayPal. All payments can be made by Credit Card through PayPal or by check and mailed to current address on the form.

If you are interested in getting an annual flag subscription for your home or office please complete the following form and email the form back to us OptimistFlagsEDU@gmail.com | click here for form

Please stay tuned for additional updates to the program.



Thank you for supporting education programs in Forsyth County.