Expressing My Passions

Expressing My Passions is a program where the mildly and moderately challenged children can participate in a program not unlike and oratorical contest except for a few things; there are no judges, no hard and fast criteria, no pressure on the children participating.  Well, you might say it is not at all like the oratorical!

This program gives these kids the opportunity to express what they are passionate about and present it to a group of parents, peers and students in any manner that they can, visual, spoken, demonstration or story board.  It will lift your heart to see and hear what these children are passionate about.  We have seen the young adults talk about things like, basketball, hair styling, rodeo, becoming a country music star, making a pizza and so much more.  This  program began in 2013 – an idea of two board members.  Each student prepared and presented something they were passionate about while working with a school para pro .

This first event was held at West Forsyth High School on November 22, 2013 and involved 19 students.

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Bringing out the best in kids…